English Afternoon Tea 2019 @ Planters Lounge, Eastern & Oriental Hotel

刚好这一次的Food Review地点是在Eastern & Oriental Hotel
就顺便通知大家Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Heritage’s Wing暂时关闭.
March 2019到 December 2019, Heritage’s Wing关闭进行升级和翻新.
所以有部分的餐厅所提供餐食,饮料的地点搬迁到Victory Annexe.

更新完毕! 进入这次的博文[其实也是吃罢了]!

这一次的到访Eastern & Oriental Hotel得知Heritage’s Wing暂时关闭之外,
也顺便出席他们安排在 6th FloorPlanters Lounge, English Afternoon Tea.

如果你是想一个人慢慢的hea, 然后在顺便在来个下午茶 ,
6th Floor,Planters LoungeEnglish Afternoon Tea是个不错的选着,
不止品尝到高档下午茶, 还有一个无敌大海景给你看到满意.

English Afternoon Tea的茶类选择蛮多的.

Assam Mokalbarie – An extravagant strong black tea from the region of Assam – strong, spicy and malty
Brewing time: 4 minutes

Irish Whiskey Cream – A malty Assam autumn tea with cocoa husk and aroma.
Brewing time: 4 minutes

Earl Grey – An elegant Darjeeling with richly aromatic citrus aroma of refreshing bergamot Brewing time: 4 minutes

Jasmine Gold – Freshly plucked jasmine petals round off this delicate China tea and lend it perfect harmony.
Brewing time: 3 minutes

Fancy Sencha – A premium large-leafed Sencha – refined tartness with a breath of sweetness Brewing time: 2-3 minutes

Vanilla Roibosh – The popular African herbal infusion tinged with the delicious richness of creamy vanilla
Brewing time: 5 minutes

Mint & Fresh – With the cool freshness of menthol.
Brewing time: 5 minutes

Raspberry Royal – Refreshing experience with sun-ripened raspberry
Brewing time: 5 minutes

English Breakfast – A rich, mature and tangy fullness with a sparkling flavour
Brewing time: 4 minutes

Darjeeling Jungpana – A premium tea with a flowery elegance and delicious flavour
Brewing time: 4 minute

Tarry Lapsang – Dried over burning pinewood for Smokeyspicy flavor.
Brewing time: 4 minutes

Greenleaf – Whole chamomile blossoms for a tartly flowery touch
Brewing time: 5 minutes

Morgentau – A tea creation with delicate fruity flavors and petals
Brewing time: 2-3 minutes

Pure Chamomile – An elegant estate tea from the highlands of India with a pronounced delicate flowery flavour
Brewing time: 2-3 minutes

Verbena – Refreshing lemon verbena leaves with characteristic hint of lemon
Brewing time: 5 minutes

Soft Peach The delicate, soft taste of peaches blended with vanilla.
Brewing time: 5 minutes

当然选好茶之后, 就等服务生端上下午茶和茶点.

这样类型的下午茶都是一般都是3层, 看你自己要吃哪里开始吧.
在附上2两份果酱, 自制莓酱[Homemade Strawberry Jam],
菠萝/黄梨果酱[Pineapple Jam]和一份浓缩奶油[Clotted Cream].

Scones with Raisin and Plain Scones
Served with Homemade Strawberry Jam, Pineapple Jam
and Clotted Cream

Cake & Tea Pastries
Opera / Fruit Cake / Red Velvet / Fruit Tartlet / Millefeuille

Finger Sandwiches
Smoked Salmon Tartare Sandwich [Wholemeal Loaf]
Crab Meat Slaw Sandwich [Wholemeal Loaf]
Corn Fed Chicken Ragout [Gougeres]
Truffle Scented Egg [Poppy Seed Crusted Butter Bun]
Marinated Tuna Flakes Sandwich [Wholemeal Loaf]
Organic Spinach Quiche
Cucumber, Dill and Cream Cheese Sandwich [Pullman Loaf]

当然除了吃得满足, 还可以hea茶再加上一副3D的无敌大海景,

至于价钱呢Per Pax RM71.65.
English Afternoon Tea – Monday to Sunday [3.00pm – 5.00pm]

这篇博文附上一小部分的照片, 其他照片可以按以下的连接看其他照片.
English Afternoon Tea @ Planters Lounge

Due to Eastern & Oriental Hotel Heritage’s Wing public spaces and facilities closed for upgarding and refurbishment from March 2019 to December 2019.
English Afternoon Tea located at 1881′ Heritage’s Wing will switch location to Victory Annexe, 6th floor Planters Lounge.

Eastern & Oriental Hotel
Planters Lounge @ Victory Annexe [6th floor]
Address : 10, Lebuh Farquhar 10200 Penang

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