Prosperity Toss Lunch @ Hakka Village, Balik Pulau


这次被Pacific West邀请到Balik Pulau (浮羅)
Hakka Village(客家山寨)品尝他们这一次特别午餐.

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Pacific West是以海鲜做为主冷藏食物的商家.
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Chef Chef Garry Edson准备了4款canapés,

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Hummus on Pitta Bread with Pacific West Tempura Calamari Ring
Petit Ratatouille Corn Tortilla with Pacific West Popcorn Fish
Puff Pastry filled with Mushroom and Egg Pate served with Pacific West Wiggy Cornflake Fish Tomato Salsa on spoons with Pacific West Dusted Baby Squid

以下是Chef Chef Garry Edson和Chef Leong.

 photo PWHK-FT03_zpsmpjwnura.jpg

就是自摆Yee Sang, 看那一桌摆的别致就有奖!!

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 photo PWHK-EV01_zpsyrotnasv.jpeg

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恭喜当天赢得摆设Yee Sang的Table C.

第一道菜当然是Yee Sang.
这道Tempura Prawn Prosperity Toss Yee Sang可没有鱼,
而用Tempura Prawn代替Sashimi.

 photo PWHK-M03_zpsoyzyom15.jpg

 photo PWHK-M04_zpshliddhtt.jpg


 photo PWHK-M00_zpsv36us5su.jpg

Crab Meat Lettuce Cups with Pacific West Salt and Pepper Squid
Salt & Pepper Squid on top of Stir fried Crab Meat and Vegetables served with Lettuce Cup

Nyonya Style Pacific West Tempura Fish Cocktails
Tempura Fish Cocktail in Homemade Nyonya Style Sauce

Golden Nestum Pacific West Tempura Prawns
Tempura Prawn coated with Spicy Buttered Salted Egg Sauce and sprinkled with crispy Nestum

Kung Pao Pacific West Salt and Pepper Squids
Salt & Pepper Squid in Kung Pao Style served with Crispy Yam Ring


 photo PWHK-M01_zpswlrfcgdq.jpg

Hakka Lei Cha (擂茶)
Hakka Plum Sauce Duck /
Hakka Abacus Beads (算盘子)
Hakka Salt-Baked Chicken (盐焗鸡)
Stir Fried Broccoli

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