Bintang Rock Buffet @ Starz Diner, Hard Rock Hotel, Penang


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Hard Rock Hotel的Starz Diners.

Bintang Rock Buffet Dinner
18 June 2015 16 July 2015,

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Bintang Rock Buffet Dinner 以马来式为主,
除了有西式沙拉(Salad), 马来式的沙拉( Kerabu),
开胃小吃( Appetizer)及汤(Soup)等其他菜肴.


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扁担饭 (Nasi Kandar Station),
Action Station, Hot Dish , Dessert 等等.

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以下的是Action Station的菜肴.

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以下的是 一道Arabian 菜肴
Arabic Roasted lamb Leg In Dome

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Adult RM88 nett
Child RM48 nett (child aged 6-12 years old)

Starz Diner
+604 886 8057
Business Hours: 6.30pm-10.30pm


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不妨点他们的 Rock Platters.
地点在Hard Rock Café,
Promition 从 18 June 2015开始到 16 July 2015.

RM160 nett – (for 2 pax)
RM240 nett – (for 3 pax)

Hard Rock Café
+604 886 8054

除此之外, 18 June 2015 到 16 July 2015, Hard Rock Hotel也是有Promotion.

RM420++ per room per night inclusive of buffet breakfast for two adults and two children.
Early Bite Breakfast (4.00am-5.30am) or Buffet Breakfast (6.30am-11.00am)
For more info, please

About Hard Rock International: With a total of 200 venues in 64 countries, including 154 cafes, 21 hotels and 10 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world’s greatest collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe. Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise, Hard Rock Live performance venues and an award-winning website. HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai. HRI also owns, licenses and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide. Destinations include the company’s two most successful Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, Fl., both owned and operated by HRI parent company The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations including Bali, Chicago, Cancun, Ibiza, Las Vegas, Macau and San Diego. Upcoming new Hard Rock Cafe locations include San Juan, Lagos and Busan, South Korea. New Hard Rock Hotel projects include Daytona Beach, Dubai, Los Cabos, Tenerife, Abu Dhabi, and Shenzhen and Haikou in China. For more information on Hard Rock International, visit

Address: Batu Ferringhi Beach, 11100 Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: 604-881 1711

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