Anchor Cream Cheese Promotion Throughout Malaysia

Cream Cheese 是拿来做什么的.

Fonterra Foodservices Malaysia
旗下的一项食品Anchor Cream Cheese
与Bread History一同合作,

 photo AC-FT_zps8oawcdsx.jpg

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3款甜点都加有入Anchor Cream Cheese
Kaien Chizu Tart
Karui Snow Cake
Winter Magma

 photo AC-00_zpsjp6u3t2v.jpg

 photo AC-01_zpsq11pc7co.jpg

 photo AC-02_zpsnfkleoki.jpg

Kaien Chizu Tart
~底部 White Chocolate~
~馅料 Rich Cream Cheese + Sea Salt~
再加上一片的Cheese Slice

 photo AC-03_zpsvypancx1.jpg

Karui Snow Cake
~馅料 Mango Passion Cream Cheese~
~上面部分 Vanilla Chiffon + Buttery Almond Crumbles ~

 photo AC-04_zpsb4mixyhw.jpg

Winter Magma
~馅料 Cream Cheese~
~上面部分Chocolate Souffle + Crumbles~

 photo Wobbler_zpszq2i2wfx.jpg

Kaien Chizu Tart – RM11.00 nett 2 pieces per box
Karui Snow Cake – RM9.00 nett2 pieces per box
Winter Magma – RM9.00 nett2 pieces per box

RM18.00 nett 2 Box,
Winter Magma – 2 pieces
Karui Snow Cake – 2 pieces

Promotions Last till January 2016

按以下的可知道Bread History在那处.
Bread History Location


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