Pinetree Cafe @ Sg Dua

在求学时期很多事物都很容易让我们去担忧,像是成绩,学费等等. 最为关注的事物就是我们的每一餐,想吃什么,想要去那里吃, 今天就来介绍一家位于在USM “Sg Dua’’ 路段对面的Pinetree Café.

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Pinetree Café地点在 Sg Dua与KFC是同一个建筑物,位于在照相馆和Poliklinik Perdana之间. 找到KFC,在找照相馆就找到Pinetree Café.

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Pinetree Café除了可以进餐之外,如想要在此温习,看书,聊天或者是举办聚会等都可以.

 photo PTFD-05_zpsf5afecbf.jpg

Onion rings – RM3.90

 photo PTFD-01_zpsc3c0c24e.jpg

Salmon Carbonara – RM11.90

 photo PTFD-02_zpsf88df531.jpg

Shisamo Fish Rice Set – RM6.90

 photo PTFD-03_zps9099b6f6.jpg

Breaded Chicken Breast – RM10.90

 photo PTFD-04_zps6d768c80.jpg

Shrimp Po Boy RM8.00

 photo PTFD-00_zps017689f8.jpg

Sizzling Grilled Chicken with mashed potato and house salad – RM10.90

Address: 559-D, Jalan Sungai Dua, Mk 13, 11700, Gelugor, Penang.
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday “8am to 2:30pm”
Monday to Saturday “6pm to 10pm”
Sunday “8am to 2:30pm”

Contact Number : 604- 656 2555

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