New Creation~Lobster and Scallop

This dish is meant to be served to the Kings~! jk.

Miso wasabi marinated lobster with seared scallops served with roasted Pumpkin, tomato sauce and broiled asparagus~

This dish takes a long time to prepare because of the technique involved, this dish involves both Japanese & French techniques to prepare also ( molecular gastronomy )

Firstly, the Boston lobster is marinated in Organic miso paste and fresh wasabi ( you can replace it with horseradish ) for 2 hours. Then bake them for 7 mins at 180-185 degrees celsius~

Then the sauce is made by roasting your pumpkin, beafsteak tomatoes, asparagus and pine nuts, drizzle olive oil and season with salt , pepper and nutmeg. After roasting it, blend it with some chicken stock/water and olive oil for a better consistency.

At the last minute, sear the scallops and broil the Asparagus~

Garnish the dish with salmon roe~

And you have the dish made for Kings~! enjoy


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