New Creation~ Two way Beef

Meat Craving~!

with a fine dining touch and Molecular Gastronomy~!

Seared fillet mignon with braised daikon and potato and leek sauce topped with truffle oil

A pretty complicated dish to put up, but it’s one complete dish that will satisfy your complicated taste buds and your craving for MEAT, the Fillet Mignon was marinated with a Mirin (sweet sake) and green peppercorns to give it that extra zink~ 

it is finished with Spherification process (if you thought the orange thingy was salmon’re mistaken) spherification is a method to create caviar like substance with different flavours, the tiny orange balls are honey, orange juice and cider vinegar. the chemical involved in this process is sodium alginate and calcium carbonate solution.

How far can truffle oil go wrong? be genourous with the amount of truffle oil drizzled to give it a very special aftertaste 🙂

Sake marinated wagyu beef seared with celery root mash and sage pineapple sauce~

Evenly marbled Wagyu, so rich, tender and melts in your mouth,marinated with Sake and milk. Sensational dish with the balance of sweet, sour, salty. The 3S! why pineapple, you may ask.Pineapple is under rated and it should be used more often. It works as a mouth amuser as it has extraordinary amount of citric acid and sucrose which balances the richness of the wagyu and celery root mash.

For the garnish, you have to deep fry the sage leaves to bring out the awesomness of the flavour locked inside the leaf.

what is wagyu??? well check this link out for comparison with kobe or angus beef.


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