New Creation~ Durian Gelato

This is how my New creations come to live, It’s called my test kitchen (1)~

Durian gelato served with mangosteen cube, raspberry and blackberry coulis, tempered white chocolate and 

topped with passionfruit infused caramel nest~

so here’s how it goes~

Firstly, whisk the durian puree with heavy cream and sugar till you achieve soft peeks~

to make the berry coulis, simmer the berries with water, cinnamon, pandan and caster sugar~

this involve sugar works, what i did was create a sugar and passionfruit nest by making caramel and infusing it with passionfruit~

then the tempered white chocolate is added~

finally the plating up with preserved strawberries and berry coulis~

there you have it!

my Test Kitchen (1) where my new dishes are perfected 😀


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