Modern Creation~Spider Makizushi

Or better known as the Soft Shell Crab Makizushi~

Soft shell crabs are actually blue crabs shedding their Hard shell~

deep frying it will bring out its maximum flavour and retain its moisture.

usually i’ll dab the crab with flour, salt and tempura batter to enhance the texture and taste~

deep fry it bottom side up so that the legs will fall nicely.

this is futomaki, meaning Thick roll. Add the tobiko(shrimp roe), Japanese sweet mayo, julienned cucumber and surimi as the filling on the Nori sheet with sushi rice~

Make sure while you don’t put to much pressure while folding the ingredients or it will ooze out. Be GENTLE!

Once done, cut it with a sharp knife dabbed in water. Cut in one motion from the back of the knife till the tip~

serve with Unagi sauce, wasabi and Gari~


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